23 November 2016


For the sake of brevity, I’m going to skip the introduction and the usual “Sorry I haven’t posted since (insert date here)”. 

Let’s get straight into it.


Yes. Goodbye. 

In no way am I being dramatic. 

I feel like this post is long overdue. But umm…As of  2017, From 18 To Life will cease to exist. I’ve held onto this space for much longer than I was supposed to. I’m not too sure why, though. Maybe it’s because it’s more or less all that I am right now. Maybe it’s because it’s given me countless opportunities over the past two years, which I’m forever grateful for. Maybe it’s because it’s made me realise my dream career path. But like all songs and like all stories, there comes a time when it’ll have to end. 

It’s become more of a burden than a place where I can…be me. People often ask me what From 18 To Life is about and what the meaning behind it is, and two years ago, I would go on and on for days. “Basically….It’s a space to show my journey from age 18 to….life”, I’d say. 
If you asked me today? I wouldn’t be able to utter a word.

I have tried multiple times to rebrand, change my photography style, my writing style, etc to suit my growth as a person…but it seemed like every idea that I had would not fit the From 18 To Life image. I did not know how to appeal to my audience of a couple hundred subscribers and constantly making changes would be confusing to me and my readers. 
I knew that there was something more that I could have been doing. I mean, I invested lots of time and over £2k into my development as a creative, only for me to be….stuck? After thinking long and hard, I decided that I’ll just have to let it go. All of it. 


Before you guys shed tears, just know that I (the person) am not done creating. I’m actually just starting. There is so much more that I want to do and detaching myself from this blog is the only way I’ll be able to do what I’ve planned. I’m excited to be starting a couple of projects next year, one being a collaboration with an amazing new creative, which I can’t say much about (sorry!).

And I’ll be launching a new personal brand. It’ll be more or less a continuation of From 18 To Life but with a totally new image and concept. I’m spending most of my free time working on either the project I mentioned before, or this new image and I cannot wait until both are launched. 

I’ve spent the entirety of 2016 pondering on this decision and I’m finally taking the leap of faith. Putting myself out there is hard as I am quite reserved in nature, but creativity (and curating)  is something that I cannot exist without and it’s been that way from a young age. So you’ll be seeing a whole lot of me next year! 

Thank You 

Before I sign off for good, Id like to say thanks to all those that have supported me thus far. Over 400 subscribers, half a million reads, 1k twitter followers and lots of love, I cannot thank you guys enough. And this is to the offline real people too. The words of encouragement, the compliments and the collaborations. It’s been a blast. 

Ahh let me end this post before it gets all mushy and emotional!
But yeah. Thank you so so so much. 
See you all next year! 

Much Love 

K xx 

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