25 September 2016

From The Bookshelf | On Reading Poetry.

Hello hello! I haven't been posting very often and I apologise for that. The holidays are over, term is about to start, I'm back in London which means it's back to reality. It's been crazy over the last few weeks and lessons haven't even started yet. 
I know for a fact that finding time for leisure reading is going to be nearly impossible with the workload that second year will bring, but I think I have found my way around that problem. 
Solution? Poetry. Reading poetry. 

Now...if you know me, you know that poetry isn't my thing. It never was. Reading and writing poems in literature class in high school was traumatic to say the least. The very thought of a sonnet makes me want to run away and hide. Because of my past experiences with poetry in school, I have always preferred prose. I like complicated situations to be described to the last detail... I want to know it all. With poetry, everything is so vague and there's always a hidden meaning that the reader has to find in order to understand the poem. I found it so infuriating. 

However, my perception of poetry in comparison to prose changed on one Friday evening when I was sat in my room scrolling through my endless Tumblr feed. I came across what I thought was a quote but turned out to be a poem. I was amazed at how those few simple words could make me reevaluate my entire existence. I began to actively search for more of these poems by Rupi Kaur and found out that they were from her book titled "Milk and Honey". 
milk and honey
My love for the poems and illustrations in 'Milk and Honey' made me take a sudden interest in contemporary poetry. I searched for more poets and came across r.h. Sin, the writer of "Whiskey Words and a Shovel". I read a few poems and within one hour, I had added three poetry books to my Amazon basket. 

I've spent the weekend curled up in a little corner of my room with snacks and these three books by my side. 
I love how both poets are able to evoke emotions that we stuggle to say or even show. They string words together so beautifully but still manage to keep the poems raw and straightforward. 
The monochromatic covers themselves are intriguing and as soon as you open a book, the recurring themes of love, regret and healing will have you hooked. 
rupi kaur
If you haven't tried reading poetry, I strongly urge you to give one of these books a try. 
I'm still on the search for more poetry, so if you have any suggestions, do let me know!
And since we are on the topic of poetry, here's one of my favourite songs, Poetic by Seinabo Sey.  Enjoy! 

Much love 
K xx 

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