10 April 2016

From Home | Seven Sunday Songs

Sundays are kind of bittersweet. We hate them because they are basically Monday-eve. They signify the end of the day we were supposed to take care of our responsibilities, but ended up ignoring them to watch TV shows.

 Sundays are not what we dream of on Saturday nights. We don't want to wake up bright and early. We don't get sudden bursts of energy. We don't wake our loved ones up with a plate full of warm pancakes, drizzled with the perfect golden maple syrup. We don't go for runs in parks. We don't even prepare for the week ahead. Instead....We lay there thinking about everything. We think about nothing whilst doing nothing. Yeah, it doesn't feel right, but we do it anyways.

But hey...Sundays are for drinking your favourite hot chocolate, eating your favourite snacks, reading your favourite books and listening to your favourite songs. They're for texting people you haven't talked to all week, online window shopping, scrolling through Instagram and reblogging on Tumblr.

Sundays are also for switching off, appreciating solitude and clearing your mind.

Starting the day off with some good music is essential. So is food, but music first, yeah? To get your Sunday going, I've put together a list of seven of songs I'm currently obsessing over.

Zayn - dRuNk 
Seinabo Sey - Poetic 
Nasty C - Hell Naw 
Perola - Tudo Para Mim 
Elhae - Doesn't Matter 
Zayn - FOol fOr YoU 
Bryson Tiller - Let 'Em Know 

What do you do on a Sunday? Any music recommendations? 

K xx

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