21 March 2016

From London | Love For The South Bank

I tell myself that London is just like any other city I have lived in. Big and full of bright lights. I say that, and yet, I find myself walking along the South Bank way too often. On my way in and out of the city, I have the sudden urge to escape from Waterloo Station for a couple of minutes to see the breath-taking views of Big Ben. 
Yeah, it's such a touristy spot, but if you observe closely, you'll see that it's creatives' central. And this may or may not be because of the convenient location of the South Bank centre that's constantly oozing with inspiration. Either way, you're almost guaranteed to see a photographer bending their back to get the perfect shot. You'll also see the writer, scribbling away at their notepad. You'll have a laugh at the comedians putting on a show and you'll be weirded out by people doing....other stuff (I've seen a man who painted his face to look like a dog's. No lie) 
The food market is to die for and the sunset is sensational (that is if there is sun). I think it's safe to say I've found my favourite spot in central London. 

Do you have a favourite place to go to in London?
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