22 February 2016

The Power Of Words

Everyone knows I loathe maths. I'm a lover of languages and I guess you could say numbers and symbols are languages in their own right, as they have meaning. But to me, words have the most meaning.

 Words are powerful. They have the potential to kill you, hurt you, build you and even be you. I find myself longing to be surrounded by words. Sometimes instead of people. Words of all languages. 
The saying 'words cannot describe...' shouldn't exist. Words can describe. Even if it means you have to make up your own. If you can't find a word in English, look in another language. Imagine a world of characters only...Imagine being able to escape. Imagine missing someone and having nothing but the love that remains then being able to hear, see and live the beauty of 'Saudade'...then having them appear right before your eyes. Just imagine.

|South Bank, London| 
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