7 October 2015

Wandering Around Windsor

The past three weeks have been a rolllercoaster in terms of settling into university. I don't know what I want to do and what I don't want to do. Where to go or where not to go.

I decided to take a break from everything, so I dragged my friend along with me to Windsor, which is a small little town not too far from London. It's perfect if you want to spend the day shopping but in a much more relaxed environment, as opposed to stampeding down Oxford Street in London.

Standing outside Windsor castle and admiring its beauty made me notice something. Walls save great purposes. They keep the bad guys out when you want to sleep peacefully at night. But then, they keep you locked in. There's no form of escape without having to accept the fact that you might come across the bad guy. But think of all the other good things that you could see if  you just stepped outside. 

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