10 September 2015

5 Things We Have All Instagrammed

Ahh, Instagram, Instaagram, Instagram. I remember when I first got it back in 2012, and  it was the coolest thing ever. I'd upload grainy 5MP Android pictures of anything and everything and be satified with one or two likes. Fast forward to 2015, and it's one of the biggest social media platforms with such a huge influence in terms of consumer culture...because you know....visuals. We are people. And people like pretty things. 

As a...how do I say this in a pretty and business-y way? ..as influencers, we tend to be influenced by what other influencers are sharing, if that makes sense. Instagram has now become the battle of the breakfasts with thousands, if not millions of us constantly uploading pictures of our lattes to see who will be crowned King/Queen of the Cuppa. 

There are many sides on Instagram. We have all seen girls and their booty popping profiles, boys flexing on their feeds and of course the lavish lives of the financially-privilaged. Then. There's us..."normal people". So we don't have £5,000 champagne to photograph, we don't have Kim K curves and we sure aren't built like The Rock. What do we Instagram? 

Here are 5 Things We Have All Instagrammed (at one point in our lives) 

1) Coffee 

I swear when I first got instagram, I thought it was a coffe picture sharing social media platform. People would take pictures of their home-made masterpieces, their generic Starbucks and random pick-ups from around town. And we just have to prove to the world that we had a caffeine fix by sharing it on Instagram. 

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2) Your City 

Living in London has its perks. And the fact that its a very photogenic city makes it the perfect place for an Instagrammer. You've seen countless pictures of London buses, London telephone boxes, London landmarks and London ungerground signs. If you don't live in London, you've probably taken a picture of a really cute building in your area, maybe acccompanied by a deep quote. 

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Which brings me to my next point...

3) A Deep Quote 

We all need motivation in life. Inspirational Instagram accounts have become the source of this motivation and obviously, we have to repost those deep quotes to pass the motivaton onto our followers, right? Right. We have all posted a little saying or two (maybe deleted it because it was cheesy), but we've all done it. 

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4) Sunset 

'cause nature, right? Golden hour is the time when we appreciate this work of art we call Earth. We forget about everything that's wrong, pause for a moment. Capture the sunset. Add a totally irrelevant quote about life. Then upload. To be fair, it adds a lot of character to a feed! 

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5) Something Healthy 

Because Instagram is not the place to be unhealthy. Take that to Facebook, please. Instagram is the place to show off your paleo breakfasts, sugar-free deserts and the greenest grub you can get your hands on. The perfect foodie flatlay is all you need to wow your followers. I do this wayy too much for my own good, trust me. This is what my Instagram feed LIVES for. 

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So, guys....those were 5 things that we have all instagrammed at some point in our lives! I would have included mom-selfies but I think that's more on Snapchat haha!  Which one haven't you done? 
What else do you like to post on Instagram? (leave me a link so I can copy see!) 

Until Next Time, 

Peace and Love 
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