23 July 2015

London - Toya Delazy at Jazz Cafe

Allow me a moment to reflect on the event that was Toya Delazy's debut headline show in London that took part on Monday 20th July. I told myself that I wasn't going to write about this, as I had already rambled on about Toya in this post. However, I found myself scrolling through my photos, itching to write something. So here you go...
This South African singer/songwriter/pianist/dancer/performer/goddess/future wifey/(okay, enough), is an international artist on the rise. I could not miss her show in Camden, so I spent 2 days planning my escape to the Jazz Cafe. So after a 30 minute PowerPoint presentation about why I should not babysit that night, accompanied by a 3000 word essay, written in MLA format with all sources cited, I managed to win my case and I excitedly hopped on the tube to Camden with my friend.
We arrived a little lotta bit too early, so we headed to Subway for a quick bite to eat, then went in to chat to other Toya Delazy supporters, eagerly waiting for her to get on stage. I talked to this lady that had previously met Toya (she was just about on the same level of  "omg" as  I was) and we both agreed that Toya is such a genuine and kind person. 
Finally, looking very on-point, Toya walked onto stage, a little nervous, but she quickly relaxed as the audience cheered for her. I spent the first 5 minutes staring in awe at her black and gold Giuseppe Zanotti high tops...
The atmosphere was very laid back and she involved the audience in all ways possible (conversations, song suggestions and even sang happy birthday to someone). 
She introduced us to her French bass guitarist and her Canadian guitarist who joined her on stage for more songs. 
I hate to say it, but the pictures don't really do any justice. I had footage, but technology doesn't love me so I wasn't able to edit and upload it. (sigh) But anyway.... 
JEHP (Jazz Electro Hop Pop) is for sure a genre of its own that is about to reshape the world of music, and Toya makes this fusion of Jazz, Electro, Hip Hop and Pop seem effortless. She performed jaw-dropping renditions of songs from artists such as Kings of Leon and Amy Winehouse, as well as adding twists to some of her own hits. I'm still trying to figure out out how she does it so well.
When the show was over, she joined the crowd, took photos, hugged and chatted to her fans. 
After seeing this show, I think it's safe to say that Toya Delazy has grown as an artist since her first album and you can tell that she is letting the music take control. This lady is definitely going to set the world on fiyaah, and don't say I didn't warn you! She recently released an album, Ascension, which you can find here

And here's a song to get stuck in your head, Why Hate

Until Next Time,
Peace and Love
K xx

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