16 July 2015

A Breakfast Shake ft. Slendershake

You have probably noticed that I love my breakfast. Like they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! But sometimes, quick breakfasts are just not quick enough, so you have to just make a smoothie and go. 
Thanks to my Blend Active blender, I could be 10 minutes late, and still find time to make a smoothie. Nice, right? 
My favourite smoothie definitely has to contain berries of some sort. Slendertox Tea* kindly gifted me a sample of their 14 Day Meal replacement shake, which went really well with my berry smoothies. 

Slendershake is a meal replacement diet where you have to replace 1 meal per day with the shake. I chose breakast, but you can replace lunch with it too. 

How to use: 

1) Add a scoop of the Slendershake using the scoop provided 
2) add 100-150ml of water or low-fat milk 
you can also add fruit or extra sweetener, if you like 
3) mix well and enjoy! 

As you can see, I added fruit, but I didn't see the need of sweetener as the powder was already sweet. 
blend active blender

 I also added Alpro Almond milk instead of yogurt or low-fat milk.
 Blended it ...
and voila! 

I have been including the powder in my shakes for the past 14 days and although I didn't notice a difference in my weight (I never weigh myself anyway), I did notice a slight improvement in my skin and energy. I'm trying to clear my skin, and I think that if I were to continue with this, it would help a lot. 

If you're wondering how the shake tastes with water, I wouldn't recommend it. It's rather sweet and doesn't look too appetising! 
Sometimes, I'd just have the shake with the almond milk and it did not fill me up. I'd be hungry in about an hour and a half. But then again, when am I not hungry? :P 
I recommend you have it with fruit, just to keep you full for longer. And it tastes so good!
I still have quite a lot of powder left after 14 days. There is also a 28 day course available if you'd like to try it for longer. 
Thanks to The Bloggers Lounge and Slendertox Tea for providing me with this sample and I hope that this review was useful! 

Until Next Time, 
Peace and Love 
K xx 
*PR Sample 
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