29 July 2015

Misogyny in Music

I know my monthly playlist is due any minute now, but before I share that with you guys, let's get serious for a while *tries not to giggle*.Soo... I've noticed that misogyny in music is on the rise.

When you think of misogyny and music at the same time, it’s no surprise that the hip-hop/rap scene immediately comes to mind. This is because the hip hop/rap charts are saturated with records that encourage the degradation of women. However, it is vital to note that nowadays, misogynistic music occurs in every genre and it is becoming normal.
*sigh….is this another feminist rant?* no. This is to ask why? I actually have a lot of unanswered questions that I don’t even think can be answered.

So…I was debating about this with a friend, and we were trying to figure out why this is. Why is it that the catchiest lyrics often mention something along the lines of booty-popping?
Here is a probable explanation why.

Artists have ran out of ideas.

Let’s face it. It’s 2015. Music has been around for centuries and at some point, it will repeat itself.  Same of love songs about the same person who did that same thing. Repetition. Problem is, in the modern music business, as soon as a beat has a melody or a phrase that is somewhat similar to that of another tune, it’s automatically seen as replication. So artists are confronted with the task of producing something unique and that hasn’t been spoken of before.  And when the record labels notice that the chart-toppers are club bangers with lyrics promote disrespecting women, the artists have to fit the mold.
Is that a valid excuse?


These lyrics, without a doubt, have affected the listeners. This is no generalization but some women have adapted their actions to match those described in the songs they listen to. They think that in order to get attention, they have to dress a certain way, dance a certain way or act a certain way, when this is not the case. And some men think that it's now socially acceptable. Is it? 

Just don't listen to those songs 

I am a listener of music, and it’s no secret that songs I listen to do contain misogynistic lyrics, but I’ve chosen to ignore them and pay attention to the beat. Is that even possible?


Additionally, artists claim to “write from the heart”, and this creates misunderstanding, as there is an evident contrast between their lyrics and their personalities. The same artist that created that earn-your-money-in-the-club song is now talking about a “real woman” who is "classy" has their life together and doesn’t need a man’s approval.

Umm…. ???

Then when the artists are interviewed, they tell the audience to disregard the lyrics because “it’s just a song”, and to just focus on the beat.
 Then why write those lyrics?

It’s clear that there is a lot of hypocrisy when it comes to this matter, both on the artists’ end and the audience’s end.
In the artist’s defense, this kind of music is selling, and you know what they say; “actions speak louder than words”..So does that mean that we really do have to ignore the lyrics and only react when the artist actually does what they write about?

What about female artists

You could argue that there are female artists with a voice out there that could do something to stop this, but some female artists are responding to these lyrics positively, so it ends up being a cycle that sucks us all in. I can’t blame the ladies either, as anything that goes against the norm is seen as “controversial” and something that will potentially damage their reputation as an artist.

I know this post is just full of questions, and here is another: why not make similar-sounding music that we can dance to, but without the misogynistic lyrics? Is that possible, or is it too late?

As you can tell, there is no right/wrong to this topic, but let me know what you think!
My July playlist will be up tomorrow.

Until Next Time,
Peace and Love. 
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