18 July 2015

Mi Casa & Toya Delazy at South Africa House London

Friday 17th July was one of the most amazing days ever, as I got to see South Africa's greatest bands perform live, as well as one of my favourite SA singers, Toya Delazy all in honour of the world's greatest, Nelson Mandela.
As we entered the South African High Commission, the atmosphere was buzzing as people were waiting  for two very great performances.

I took some time to admire the South African baskets before the event began...
Finally, Toya Delazy came up on stage, introduced herself and did what she does best...
She told us about her own genre called JEHP which stands for Jazz-Electro-Hop Pop ('cause ain't nobody got time to fit into just one genre, right?). Her ability to switch from her smooth singing to her effortlessly rhyming rap flow in the space of one song and still keeping her jazzy vibe is astonishing.
Even though it was a "one woman show" as she said, she did not bore the crowd, as she had a mix different tempos. She captured hearts with her mellow vibes and got everyone buzzed with her upbeat tunes. When she asked the audience to request a song, the thirteen year old Toya-obsessed fangirl in me shouted out "MY CITY!" *hides face*. She then went on to perform the song, which I really appreciated.
toya delazy london
She ended her set with an amazing song in Zulu that made the South Africans in the audience feel wistful and longing to go back home. Her time on stage ran out, it was clear that we (as in everyone, not just me) were not happy. She performed one last song and then kindly took selfies with the audience!
nelson mandela day london
We listened to a few speeches by a couple of people, including a representative of the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund.
And then...it was time for Mi Casa. The Johannesburg-based band Mi Casa, is set to take over the world and their #MICASAGONEGLOBAL tour is just the beginning. The band consists of 3 people, J-Something (singer), Dr. Duda (producer, pianist) and Mo-T (the man who makes the trumpet sound good).
You could tell that pride was in the air as J-Something came on stage bearing the South African flag in an almost cape-like way.
J something live
With multiple hit songs, after only forming in 2011, the band has captured the hearts of many around the world. I was not a fan of house music, until I heard "These Streets" and from then on, I was hooked.
Not a second went by without J-Something busting a move or making the ladies (some, who somehow forgot that they were married) swoon over his charm.

Mi Casa live
The whole time, I was wondering how  Mo-T manages to breathe! His trumpet skills are just amazing...
mi casa live
This event was truly a special one. All proceeds went to the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund which is aiming to build a children's hospital that will save millions of lives.
Happy Nelson Mandela Day to everyone! x

Until  Next Time
Peace and Love

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