8 July 2015

Get To Know Me - The Love/Hate Tag

I know I've gained a LOT of readers ever since I did a tag or a facts about me post and I think it's high time I  do one! 
I was looking for inspiration, you know, to make this post unique instead of those 100 random questions where I have to answer what my preferred thickness of bread is and other nonsense. Luckily, the lovely life-saver, Kirsty who blogs over at Natterly, tagged me in the Love/Hate tag, where I have to list 10 things I love and 10 things I hate. (YESS! This is an opportunity for me to rant) 

So thanks, Kirsty for the tag! Annnnd here we go... 

1) Nutella. 

My regular readers probably know this. (cue promo) *cough* here *cough* and here *cough* 
In all seriousness, if Nutella was a Homo sapien, I'd be a proud mother of 6 right now. 

2) White shoes 

I don't know what it is about white shoes that make me just....fall in love. Okay so yeah, I only have like one pair of white converse, but I have a huge imaginary collection of white shoes ranging from sneakers to ballet pumps to uggs (and I hate uggs) to heels...all white everthing yeah! 

3) Obsessing over one song until I'm sick of it. 

Check my sidebar. It shows which song is currently the victim of my abuse. I apologise, but I can't help it. 

Man, this tag is hard... anyways...

4) Purple hair 

Typical, I know. My hair currently has purple in it. One time, I was such an idiot that I made my whole hair purple. It's cute on Victoria from In The Frow but on me?....not so much! 

5) Lip Balm 

I could buy thousands of different lip balms...except flavoured ones like cola or something. 

6) The "You Look Familiar" pick up line

mhmm....tell me where you saw me in this huge world of 7 billion  people and managed to remeber, oh stranger. Ohh...On the bus? aha....which one? 

7) White nail polish. 

I've already mentioned white shoes. Maybe I have a thing for white. Except white lies. but yeah... white nail polish 

8) Food. 

I love trying out new food. I love pizza, pasta, rice, curry, stew, beans on toast, avocados and eggs, you name it. 

9) Sales. 

I'm not talking those 50p off sales. I'm taking legit "Went from £50 to £10" sales that never happen. 

10) A topped up oyster card. 

When your oyster has been topped up by £10 or more, you have that feeling of "Ain't got no worries". I love it! 

1) Running shoes paired with jeans. 

Just...please. I beg. I plead. Don't. Do. That. There are sneakers meant for..you know...NOT  RUNNING and there are some that are meant ONLY for running and/or other forms of exercise.

2) Slow internet. 

Call me a 21st century kid. Being away from technology doesn't really affect me, but I'd rather have no internet than slow internet. To be honest, I can't deal with waiting a minute for a page to load. Like hey internet, if you're gonna be here, at least doyour job properly. Thanks. 

3) The #DontJudgeChallenge 

Thanks. You ruined The Hills for me before I could do it myself. 

4) The Clear Blue ad before YouTube videos.

CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL THEM TO STOP. Okay first thing's first....why do non-pregnant women squeal when they find out that their friend is pregnant? Secondly, this little nasty...WHY does she still have the pregnancy test she took?!?!? Just to show it to people? ew. FURTHERMORE...2 weeks? REALLY? A doctor can't even tell that early on, dude. C'mon. Just..no. 

5)  Season 2 of Empire isn't out yet. 

Um...hi. FOX, TODAY please. Jamal gives me life. And Cookie is my inspiration haha. 

6) My handwriting constantly changing

Seriiously. One day I'll write in cursive, the next in block capitals. How does one expect me to have my life together and in control when I can't even control my hand?

7) I'm not one to judge but... 

and then they go on to judge. Just....shhhh. Please. 

8) Being itchy 

I don't know what kind of stimulus this is but it's evil. And don't you hate when you're done scratching then another itch pops up in the middle of your back and you can't reach it without dislocating your shoulder. I don't get it. 

9) Toenail extensions. 

I'm crying right now at the nonsense that is tonail extensions. Like WHY would you voluntarily stick stuff on your toenails then attach all sorts of gemstones and chains and sparkles then wear heels with them scraping against the floor. Goodbye. 

10) School 

As in high school. I've written about the things I wish I did in high school and I think it's high time I write about things they should have taught us in high school coz honestly, being told that adrenaline is a hormone is not going to make me know how to do taxes. I legit don't know what life insurance is or how it works. 

Okay, that's the end of the tag! I had so much fun writing it up and I hope you liked reading it! Thanks to Kirsty for the nomination, defo go check out her blog! 

I nominate 

aaaaand....ALL of YOU! let me know in the comments one thing you love and one thing you hate. 

As usual, please don't feel offended by anything I write, as it is purely jokes. It's all love here. 

Until Next Time 
Peace and Love 
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