18 July 2015

A Chocolatey Graze Box

I've always wanted to try out subscription boxes, but that requires financial commitment which I think I'm finally ready for. There are tons of subscription boxes available on the market, from beauty to jewelry to food. Obviously I had to start with the food. Since Graze offers a first Graze Box for free, I jumped at the opportunity to get it haha.
graze box review

I ordered the chocolate box, becuase well....I love anything to do with chocolate.
Graze has speedy service. Within 2 days, my very first Graze box was waiting for me on my doorstep. Now, there are plenty of reviews on the internet, and this is just another one, I'm afraid. But if you want to know more about the Graze box, keep reading!

graze box review 2015

RATE: 5/10 

chocolate pretzels

The poppy seed pretels came with a cocoa hazelnut dip. The dip reminded me a bit of Nutella, which I liked. I also liked the taste of the pretzels. But when I put the two together, I did not enjoy it one bit. The juztaposition of the savoury and sweet just didn't do it for me. 

RATE: 4/10

chocolate graze box review

Let me just put it out there. I HATE jaffa cakes. They're a terrible excuse of a snack to be honest. This combination of orange flavoured raisins and dark chocolate buttons did not taste like jaffa cakes, which I liked. I did not like the orange flavoured raisins, but I LOVED the hazelnuts and the dark chocolate buttons. 


cranberries graze box
Ohh, I love me some dried cranberries. They're so sweet but have that sour kick to them that makes them unique. I really did enjoy this snack, apart from the almonds. I have a love/hate thing with almonds. 
The delicious fudge pieces melt in your mouth and go really well with the cranberries. 

Rate: 9/10

chocolate graze box review

THIS. This right here, guys, is the snack of all snacks. I love banana flapjacks, so I was excited to try these out. The combination of rustic rolled oats and honey was the perfect little bite to satisfy my sweet tooth. I did not give it a full 10 because I think it was just a bit too sweet. Other than that, the flapjacks were the first to finish! 

I hope you found that brief review of the chocolate Graze box useful. Because I did not fully enjoy all the snacks, apart from one, I don't think I will be getting another one, but I'll see. 
I was expecting a full-on chocolatey experience, but I only got elements of chocolate. It is a Graze box after all, not a Cadbury's product. 

graze box review

Until Next Time,
Peace and Love 

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