13 July 2015

London -Golders Hill Park

Sundays are perfect for chilling outdoors...if the weather allows. There are many parks and green spaces in London that you can choose from, and on this Sunday, my sister and I chose to hit Golders Hill Park. I don't think it's as famous as say, Hyde Park, but it's just as beautiful. 
There is lots to do and see, for example; playgrounds for big kids like me, a mini zoo type of thing, a butterfly greenhouse, a garden, a restaurant and general green space to have your own little picnic or football game. 
It really feels like a place away from the city and I almost consider it "nature". It's nature for a Londoner! 
We quickly visited Gail's Bakery in Temple Fortune for cookies before heading to the park 

The greenness is so relaxing...

Visited the little butterflies...I was scared, yo. I don't care how pretty they are, I still consider them bugs.

We then got even more sugar...

Said hi to Bambi and company...

Relaxed for a bit, then headed home...

If you're ever in the North London area, I recommend you go visit Golders Hill Park. It's quiet and has some really nice views. And ice cream. Can't say no to ice cream. 

Until Next Time
Peace and Love
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