7 July 2015

London - Foodies Festival 2015

You know that I'm a lover of food so when I won tickets to the Foodies Festival held at Alexandra Palace, I was over the moon. I was upset that I missed Taste of London but this made up for it! 
Here are a few pictures from my day! 

I love me some Chin Chin! It's so good, guys. It's like a biscuit and a...biscuit..like, I can't explain it but think of bite-sized biscuits. mmmmh! 

Love for Leopard

Fries before guys, yo. 

This was like a virtual rollercoaster. Except nothing was moving except you. This is the only picture of me not looking like an idiot kicking my legs about.


I bought a huge tub of Vita Coco Coconut Oil and got some coconut oil popcorn too! yum! 

I was feeling like a G that day.....excuse me.
The view on the walk back home was amazing....London, is that you? 

Thanks to The Foodies Festival for the tickets! I really hope to go next year and the year after, haha! 
Have you attended any food festivals?

Until Next Time,
Peace and Love
K xx
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