22 July 2015

Bloggers Love Food and Drink Festival

I was lucky enough to receive an invite to a food and drink festival by The Bloggers Hub. The festival took place at Kanaloa club in London.

The event was aimed at connecting influences with upcoming food and drink brands, such as superfood companies and unique tea brands. I had a great time discovering all these brands that I have never heard of and hearing stories of how the brand started and what they aim to achieve!
kanaloa london
The atmosphere was very nightclub-y, and I'm not surprised as Kanaloa is a club. This however, was inconvenient for those of us who wanted to take photos of the cool stands and did not have a professional photographer by our side to take perfect shots.

 All the brands and bloggers were so keen to network, and I exchanged details with a lot of people! i liked how this was not some huge advertising event, but an opportunity to get to know the people behind the brand, and how the products are made. Obviously, there were some stands that provided little samples to taste, so I did not leave feeling hungry.

I took public transport to the venue (obvs), and I did not expect such generosity from the brands. I hd to politely say no to some free samples from some brands as my arms were already aching from carrying my weight's worth of samples!

I am excited to show you some of the samples that I have received and I look forward to incorporating some new foods into recipes, as I try to expand my culinary skills!

Thanks to The Blogger's Hub and Kanaloa for hosting us!
(apologies for the picture quality!)

Until Next Time,
Peace and Love

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