5 July 2015

10 Exam Result Excuses (IB Edition)

If you're an IB (ex) student, you are most definitely aware of the fact that doomsday is in T-24hrs. Results. And this time tomorrow, you'll either be over the moon, just okay or feeling sadder than ever. I know that no matter how well I do, there's always going to be that one person who asks "What happened in the X exam?" and I'll have to find an excuse. 
Here are some excuses you can tell yourself, your family members and your friends as to why you did not do as well as you wanted to in a subject. 

1) We all failed.

Yup. All 200 000 of us. It was just hard and nothing we revised came up. 

2) There was a page missing in my exam.

I know they tell you to check everything before you begin the exam, but I swear it was there. Then it disappeared and I only noticed after the exam. 

3) I thought it was the mock exam.

Oh this was the final? I thought I had 3 more months to improve before the actual exams. 

4) My teacher lost my Extended Essay

Yeah..my teacher just emailed me yesterday telling me that he lost my EE. All 4000 words. 

5) I wanted to lower grade boundaries for everyone.

It's called being a good person. If I did well, the grade boundaries would've increased and more people would've failed. See? So I failed to make other candidates happy. Where's my Nobel Peace Prize? 

6) Zayn left One Direction

Yeah. I know I'm not a fan, but look at it this way. The entire population of 12 year old girls in my school were balling their eyes out in devastation because of Zayn's departure, so all the teachers had to give them undivided attention and psychological therapy. So we didn't finish the syllabus. Blame Zayn 

7) I studied so hard that my brain hurt and I couldn't think properly.

I was so worried about remembering the stages in DNA replication that I slept at 4AM and my exam was at 8.30AM. When I woke up, I felt numb and I couldn't think. 

8) There was a song stuck in my head that distracted me

True story. Justin Bieber's voice in your head is not the best whilst under exam conditions. I was so annoyed I ripped my paper. 

9) I had a runny nose during the exam.

Why do we have to write them in spring? All the pollen was getting to me that I had to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes, so I didn't finish my exam. 

10) I spent most of my time calculating how many marks I'd missed.

...and what grade I'd get if I attempted to answer the questions. But I didn't get round to doing that because I ran out of time. 

Fun Story: 

This actually happened to me after my Biology exam. I was so out of it and ready to go home after the exam that I left the exam room with my paper. I only realised when I got to the bathroom that I did not go in with my exam paper and I shouldn't have left with it. So pen in hand, my paper in the other, I went sprinting back to the invigilator who had just finished collecting all the papers from the desks. It looked so suspicious but I was panicking and shaking that she just took my paper from me and let me go! 
Moral of the story: Don't be as stupid as me.

I have a feeling I'll be using some of these excuses tomorrow. But anyways, I wish you all the best of luck!

Until Next Time
Peace and Love! 
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