24 July 2015

Battle Of The Granola Bars

When I was in high school (I'm trying to make that sound like it was really long ago, when in reality it was 9 weeks ago), I used to have a granola bar every other day as a snack.

I love granola bars as they're easy to eat. You just, take a bit and masticate. (hehehe masticate masticate masticate). *clears throat* sorry. Anyways, I hate snacks that are just a hassle to eat. You can't burn calories trying to gain calories...it doesn't make sense. 

Anywho, I'm a very basic person. I eat the basic Nature Valley granola bars, like a basic being in this basic world. But you know what, *Beyonce voice* I'm a growwwn woman. No, actually I'm not, but I want to try out new things, expand my horizon? Idk the saying, but it's something like that. 
When I met Frank at the Bloggers Love Food And Drink Festival, I already knew that my life was about to change. Let. Me. Tell. You. This guy is the funniest man you'll ever come across. He had me in tears before he even began to talk about his products. 

He introduced me to Thanks For Frank's gluten free granola bars. Gluten Free? 100% natural. No nonsense. Hand baked. Yup. Gluten free...It's like a thing now, right? I bet you can even get gluten-free gluten somewhere. Anyways, these "little bars of happiness", as he calls them, claim to give you the best granolagasm ever. And I was about to put that to the test. 

I was kindly gifted these granola bars to try out, but instead of just telling you "oh, it's really nice", I've decided to play a little game. Yeah...I really have no life. I know you shouldn't play with your food, but this is an exception. 

I welcome you to BATTLE OF THE BARS. 5 flavours of granola bars will go head-to-head for the title of WORLD'S MOST BARTASTIC

Okay, I introduce to you...the battle of the bars. 
So... they had their little battle in my mouth, and now... it's the moment of truth. Drumroll please... 

In 5th Position: At 1010 kJ per bar... The Salted Caramel 

I enjoyed this one the least out of all 5, although it was good, salted caramel is just not my cup of tea. Or in this case, not my bite of granola. I find the clash of sweet and salty unleasant to me. I did, however, enjoy the raisins! 

In 4th Position....At 1104 kJ of energy per bar...THE CRC (Cashew Nut Raspberry & Chocolate) 

This is not because I didn't enjoy it, but because the other three were better! It was such a close competition between these 4! I loved the chocolateyness (yes, that's a word now) about it, but wasn't a huge fan of the cashews! 

In 3rd Position... At 1007 kJ of energy per bar... The Grandfather! (Original Recipe) 

The OG! ay, this was good! I love how it's not boring. It still has everything that all the other bars have, except it's more relaxed. It's definitely an everyday bar whereas the chocolate ones, for example, would be a little treat. 

The runner up.... at 1066 kJ per bar, The Fire herself, Flame Raisin and Hazelnut 

It was actually a tight competition between this and the Belgian Chocolate! I loved the hazelnut in this and I'm that weirdo that would eat raisins alone, so the flame raisins were soo good! It's a bit sweeter than the original flavour, but nothing to complain about! 

The Winner...At 1032 kJ per bar, with ancestors from Belgium... Dr BC (Belgian Chocolate) 

The BARTASTIC Champ is the Belgian Chocolate! I loved this one. I finished it first and I need to get my hands on some more! Just so you know, I'm obsessed with chocolate, so this was obviously going to be one of my favourite flavours. However, it's really sweet, almost like a chocolate bar, but it doesn't leave you feeling sick like chocolate bars do! 

All in all, I loved these bars and would definitely go out and buy some. They'd be perfect for snacking on the way to work, in between classes or even lounging around on the couch like I am now. 

They currently do not sell stock in major supermarkets, but you can get in touch with them here to place and order and they'll get back to you! 

I hope you enjoyed the silliness in this post! What's your favourite snack? 

Until Next Time 

Peace and Love 
K xx 

*this post contains PR Samples but as usual, all views are my own.

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