12 June 2015


Food seems to be a recurring theme here...am I right, or am I right? I could talk about MAC lipsticks and Alexander McQueen clothing, but, umm...I'd rather talk about food. 
I made this lunch after realising that it was 2:30 PM and I was just about to prepare breakfast. The egg was already on the stove so there was no turning back. I couldn't have breakfast for lunch because I felt creative, so I decided to make a lunch out of it. 
spinach and egg lunch

This could actually double up as a breakfast...let's call it brunch, maybe? 
You know I don't like time-consuming tasks. This is ridiculously quick to put together, and may I add, it looks really pretty! People think I'm healthy now :) 

WHAT YOU WILL NEED (for 1 serving)

  • 1 egg
  • Steamed spinach 
  • black pepper
  • salt 
  • 1 small tomato (cut into quarters) 
  • 2 rashers of bacon. 
I started off by placing the egg in water and leaving it to boil for about 8 minutes. 
I already had spinach left over, so I just used that. Alternatively, you can stream the spinach until it is soft. 
Whilst the egg was boiling, I fried the bacon rashers until they looked toasty. 
 I then removed the bacon from the frying pan and sliced it into little pieces. 

Next up was the tomato, I fried the quarters until they were slightly brown but not disgustingly gooey. 

healthy lunch

I added salt and black pepper to the spinach and the tomato

I plated everything on a bed made of the spinach, sprinkled a bit of black pepper and voila! 

I always see food like this online and think that it takes hours to prepare. I was so surprised at how easy and quick this was, and healthy! (apart from the bacon, but I need my meat, okay) 

This was so good, I made my mom jealous of her BLT sandwich that she crafted oh-so-perfectly *insert evil emoji* 

What are your favourite quick breakfasts/lunches? 
Until Next Time,
Peace and Love 

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