18 June 2015

Fixing Your Wrecked Sleeping Pattern

Getting back into a regular sleeping pattern is hard, especially after half term, a long weekend or a holiday. You dread the night before you go back to school/work, knowing that you won't be able to get up at 7AM. 

Guys, my sleeping pattern is wrecked beyond repair. I get to bed at 10pm and fall asleep at like 2am. Then I wake up at 11am. I know it's the summer holidays but this isn't right. I need that 9am daylight to take pictures!
In all seriousness though, I need to fix my sleep pattern, and here are a few things that I'm implementing into my lifestyle to assist in achieving my goal.


I'm always up on Instagram silently dying with laughter at memes or dreaming of the perfect life after seeing someone on holiday in the Bahamas.
The bright screen of your phone keeps your brain awake. Let your brain rest so that you can too. Do this by logging off from the cyberwold at least an hour before you plan to fall asleep. Steven Kelly's Instagram page can wait, boo.


I actually do this, as strange as it may sound. Stop thinking of what you could be eating right now. Stop thinking of what to do tomorrow. Stop thinking of why he/she won't respond to your text. Stop thinking of how stupid you felt after realising you said "you too" when the cashier at Pret said "enjoy your meal". Just. Stop. Relax. Think of....nothing.


Even if you slept at 2AM, be up at 8 the next day, that way you're super tired during the day and you can't wait to get back to bed. This means you'll get back to bed earlier!


This comes hand-in-hand with my proviso point. During the day, don't just sit around watching Orange Is The New Black. Don't scroll through Google images of Jussie Smollett wishing he was straight... Actually do something... Go out to a busy street like oxford circus... If you're in London... Be a Londoner!! Make sure that when it's 8PM, you're exhausted.


I think hunger is the thing that keeps me up. I'll have a nice dinner at around 7pm then when 10pm comes about, it's like I haven't eaten in three years. I've noticed that the key to not feeling hungry at night is eating enough before you go to bed. If you're planning on sleeping at 10, make sure that you've eaten enough to sustain you until then. However, don't eat too much as that will make you feel sleepy immediately after dinner (this used to happen to me after lunch at school haha), which will probably wreck your sleeping pattern even more. 

I hope you found  those tips useful. They are really helping me, but it's still work in progress. Switching off is definitely the hardest! 

How do you keep a regular sleeping pattern?

Until Next Time 

Peace and Love 
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