26 June 2015

London - Afternoon At The Sky Garden

The recently opened Sky Garden in London is quickly becoming the city's top attraction. With free entry and a  speedy lift to the 35th floor of 20 Fenchurch Street, you get the most spectacular views of London. It is the perfect place to spend an afternoon causing havoc, or if you're more civil, you can get a group of friends together for a nice meal or drinks.
We arrived at 3.45 to find a queue of tourists of all ages waiting to get into the building. Luckily, half of them were denied entry because they did not have ticket, so I advise that you pre-book the tickets at least a week and a half in advance to secure your entry.
I got ID'd (for the third time since I turned 18 whoop!). And then we quickly went through security (we even had to go through that metal detector machine thingy that I've me mini panic attacks at the airport). I was trying to act as natural and as innocent as possible so that I don't get awkwardly patted down by the muscular security guard.

When the doors to the Sky Garden opened, my jaw dropped. The service staff were so nice, I swear one of them offered to pick my jaw up for me. The kindly welcomed us to the space and left us to be, unlike annoying shop assistants in Topshop.
view from the sky garden

It was full of people, but I can't complain as it was late in the afternoon. There were a few tourists walking around, maps in hand wearing  backpacks and accompanied by a few children, looking like they were ready to go on a safari. aha it's not a Sky Amazon Rainforest, guys.
Most people were businessmen and women having casual drinks after work and there was the occasional couple here and there just making out like they've never heard of a thing called a room. But anyway. 
We took a walk to the balcony that was facing The Shard. Amazing view...
One thing I did not like though is that there was some thick glass (for safety reasons, I'm assuming) which meant that clear photos were hard to capture.

After getting bored of staring at the giant piece of glass in front of us, we took a walk up the stairs and around the building where we got even more views of this huge city. Yeah, the top of a double decker bus doesn't do London any justice.
I would not recommend the Sky Garden for nature lovers as it is not a botanical garden where you come to admire different geni of plants, but rather enjoy the spacious and vibrant atmosphere in the heart of the city.
Surprise, surprise. It was time for food.
The Sky Pod Bar has lots to offer...it was like a sophisticated Pret and the top of some building.
After waiting in line for about 8 minutes, we finally got to order some treats. There was so much to choose from but I settled for a chocolate brownie. My sister got a muffin and we both got ginger ales which came to a total of about £13. I would complain if we were on lower ground, but I don't think it was bad, considering the fact that entry was free. 

We had to collect our ginger ales from the other side of the bar, but we were unaware of this, so we just stood there like noobs, staring at the rather handsome bartender pulling all sorts of stunts whilst preparing a cocktail. It wasn't until a lady offered to help us that we got our drinks. 

Finding a place to sit was quite difficult as it was full. We walked around the bottom floor in search of at least 2 seats. I was so annoyed that this man decided it would be cute to take up a whole couch with his belongings. Like really, dude. really? 
We then headed to the top of the garden, where we sat down under a palm tree thingy next to the bar and grill. 

 The brownie I had was so rich that it took me a good hour to finish it. I'm naturally a slow eater, but this was something else! 

After a couple of bites of my brownie, I put on a song and long story short, we had a mini dance party. After whipping and nae naeing in front of passers by, I decided to be the responsible adult that I am and finish my food before heading home. 

I really enjoyed my time at the Sky Garden and would definitely recommend that you go. It's perfect for all ages, however later on in the evening, it's more suited for adults. I'll definitely be coming back with a group of friends for a mini party and to see the beautiful London with all the lights on. 
Like I mentioned before, book tickets in advance so that you don't have to face the shame and disappointment of being turned  away. 

Click here to book tickets now!

Can't wait for my next adventure! 
Until then, 
Peace and Love 
K xx 

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