14 June 2015

5 Instagram Fashion Accounts You Need To Follow

Hey everyone!
I haven't really been interested in fashion but since I moved to London and spent more time around people like my very fashionable cousin, I *sometimes* put effort into what I'm wearing. Honestly, in high school, I didn't give a rat's booty about what I was wearing. I mean, took the tube to school, sat down and took notes then got on the tube back home. Jeans + hoodie = perfect. No need for anything else.
But now that I'm super bored, and London is such a fashion forward city, I've been becoming more interested in developing this thing they call "personal style". Obviously, I took to Instagram for some motivation, and I found a couple of Instagrammers that make me want to raid their closet.



I accidentally found Fashioninmysoul on the Instagram popular page and next thing you know, I'm browsing through the archives of her blog, Voguehaus. I love her simple style and that she actually wears the same thing more than once, which is rare amongst popular fashion bloggers. She's keepin' it 100.


I'm not a fan of Little Mix, but the one member that stood out to me was Leigh-Anne. I just LOVE her hair and she has a very grown-up and Rihanna type of style. Maybe because they're both Island girls?She mixes high street and high end stuff and has a blog of her own. You can find it all on her Instagram, as well as getting super jel of her days on holiday at the beach. And her skin, yo...her SKIN. wow.

Ari created a YouTube style series called TOMBOYISH which is pretty self explanatory. It's a channel targeted at tomboys. What I love about her is her fearlessness and her androgyny. She is capable of switching up her style depending on her mood, which I think is pretty cool. I give you 1 day. Just follow her account and you'll be crushing on her big time.

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Another YouTuber, Tasha Green is also one of my faves. She has legs for days (which I envy) and I love her laid-back style. She, like me has a wardrobe that consists of mainly black, white and grey. but obvs hers is better, I mean just look at her! 

I might post updates on my progress on revamping my closet (and my room!) but we'll see! These are just a few of the people I'm constantly stalking on Instagram, trust me! 
I hope you enjoyed this post! 

Until Next Time

Peace and Love 

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