3 June 2015

Super Easy Fro Yo Discs

easy frozen yogurt

I'm back with more food! 
After my failed attempt to go on holiday to Greece, I'm £1000 broker and not feeling like doing anything. Thank you border control. 
Anyways, I've decided to be a bit more positive, and make some pretty pink frozen yogurt cups, as all the sugar from ice cream and brownies has me feeling sick rather than easing my depression. 

P.S: I have a new camera, yay! I'm still learning how to use it, though!

Started off with a few strawberries. I cut them up then crushed them. 

crushed strawberries

Next, I added the strawberries to some plain yogurt, stirred it up till it was a nice pink colour. 

making frozen yogurt

I added some honey to taste... 
frozen yogurt recipe

And finally, I put the mixture into cupcake paper moulds and put them in the freezer for an hour. 

They turned out really good, and the bits of frozen strawberry make it even better! I hate the taste of strawberry flavoured yogurt, as it tastes fake to me, but this is delicious! 
frozen yogurt discs

easy frozen yogurt

frozen yogurt

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe you'd like to try it out? 
It's super quick and is now my alternative to ice cream! 

Until Next Time 

Peace and Love 
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