7 June 2015


It is very unlikely of me to step out of the house, but when I was browsing though Timeout and saw that there was something going on at the London Southbank, I thought of actually taking a shower and heading out. Surprisingly, I did exactly that.
I brought my little sister along for a little London afternoon adventure.

southbank centre festival of love london

Obviously TFL has some problems, so there was a slight delay on the tube... I was minding the gap for about 20 straight minutes. Thanks, TFL.
Finally, we made it to the South Bank, and I my inner tourist took a few pictures of the amazing view. My sister and I were debating whether the London Eye was actually the London Eye or just a Ferris wheel. It was the London eye...BOOM.
london southbank

london eye

london river thames boat
We started off by exploring the area. We passed through the Udderbelly Festival which wasn't that interesting, really.I was being a little kid in a bookstore before made our way to the street performances that were going on.

udderbelly festival




street performances in london

london skaters southbank

dancers london southbank

drummers london southbank

bikers london southbank

bikers london southbank
Then came the fun part. After searching for an ATM for 10 minutes (that's an hour in Londoner time), we found it. I grabbed some cash and sprinted to the food market.Oh my goodness, there was too much to choose from. I knew I was going to go overboard, so I only withdrew £10. Ya girl was balling on a budget, and I still managed to stuff myself.

southbank centre market

southbank centre market

salmon southbank centre
Guys, let. Me. Just. Tell. You. Galeta London makes The BEST giant cookies EVER. Ugh. We grabbed some drinks too...Watermelon juice is actually a thing, guys
galeta london cookies

galeta london chocolate cookie


watermelon juice
We then headed into the South Bank centre where there was more love..
We were treated to some inspiring Spoken word by Beatfreeks.
southbank centre festival of love



white converse
Look out for the next blog post with more on the performance. By the end of the day, we were exhausted, so we headed home after being tourists for a little bit longer.
I really recommend that you check out the Festival of Love. There's plenty to do and lots to see. It's on until the 31st of August 2015.
Keep checking back for the second part of this post.
london eye

Until then, 
Peace and Love 

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