24 June 2015

First Event #BloggingGalsParty

I was just chilling in my sweatpants last Friday night (cue Katy Perry song) when I decided to take part in the #BloggingGalsParty twitter chat. For two weeks straight, I had been hearing about the party that was to take place in Clapham, in support of the launch of Anesis TV, but didn't pay much attention as I thought it was for professionals and like, legit bloggers and other people, you know. When I heard that there were more invites available, I took a shot and ended up getting one! 

I was so nervous before the event. I had so many "what if"s running through my mind that I didn't know what to worry about the most!
I contemplated not going at all but I really wanted to wake up on Sunday morning and say "I attended my very first event on Saturday 20th June", so I just told my mind to shut up and went for it. Although I was so shy, I really enjoyed myself! I met a lot of people and everyone was so kind and welcoming. By the end of the night I was exhausted and ready for my warm bed (which I hadn't made that morning). 
Here are a few pics! (excuse my lack of photography skills here, wrong camera settings haha!) 
purple box braids
I wore all black with a blue blazer and accessorised with a simple silver necklace and a silver bag.
blue blazer
 We got picked up with a limo, which I thought was pretty cool...

 The Anesis Salon was so beautifully set up!

Music by the awesome DJ on the decks...

 Drinks were provided by Glo Juice! Yummy!

We got some lovely goody bags at the end of the event, filled with all sorts of products from Vita Coco, So...? With Attitude, Tie Me London, Stvdio5, Wella SP and HD Brows.

 Lip gloss from MAKEUP by HD Brows

 Pretty hair tie that doubles up as a bracelet from Tie Me London

Coconut oil (for my very thirsty hair) from Vita Coco
Thank you so so much to Zeena for the invite and the fabulous BloggingGals for making my first event a great one!
I met the sweetest girls ever with blogs you should definitely check out:
Molly from Popped A Molly
Ariel from Ariel's Little Corner Of The Internet
Rebecca from Bec Boop
Mona from Through Mona's Eyes 
Chanelle from Only In Chanelle's World
Buma from Buma's Closet

Can't wait for the next event!

Until Next Time,
Peace and Love
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