16 June 2015

First Impressions- Breville Blend Active

I just had to tell you about this amazing Blend Active blender by Breville. I've been eyeing this for the past couple of months, and when my brother pointed it out on Amazon, I knew I had no excuse to not get it. I'm about to rave about it, no lie.
I wanted a small blender that I could use to make smoothies in the mornings, and that I could take to uni, if I move on campus. This blender ticked all the boxes, and when it came in the mail, I couldn't hold in my excitement. 

It's a small, sporty looking blender that is great for people on the go. If you're in a rush, you just throw in your ingredients, press blend, switch the bottle caps and out the door you go. 
At first, when I started the blender, it made me jump a little because of the power it exerted. I think this is because I was so accustomed to my old blender's whispers. I'm telling you, my old blender was weaker than a teenage girl staring at pictures of Justin Bieber. This, on the other hand, is absolutely brilliant for blending everything from fruit to ice. I almost feel sorry for all the blueberries that have gone in there! 

I've been recommending this blender to everyone I know because it's so good for it's low price. At first, I wanted a Nutribullet but my wallet was not ready to die, so I opted for this.  So far, I've only made smoothies and slushies with it and nothing has gone wrong as it is sturdy and does it's job. I don't even make a mess of the kitchen, which is very rare. 

In the Box: 

  • 1 Motor 
  • 2 Bottle 
  • 2 Bottle caps
  • Blender 
  • Manual
breville blend active blender review

breville blend active review

Cleaning up is so easy, I almost have fun. When I'm done with my smoothie, I just rinse the bottle out, put some water with soap, blend it (don't laugh, the manual told me to) and risne it out again. It is also dishwasher safe, but I had more fun blending soapy water. 


One thing I have to say though, is that there were some scratches on the bottle, but they were undetectable and honestly, it doesn't even matter because this blender is perfection. Also, I had a bit of trouble inserting and removing the blade cap from the blender, but that was me just being me. Just be careful when removing it! 

I'll definitely be whizzing up some smoothies and sharing them with you in the VERY near future! Be sure to keep your screens on for that! 

Get the Breville Blend Active on Amazon. Additional bottles and caps can be bought separately, if needed. 

I need to go make a smoothie now, catch you later! 

Until Next Time, 

Peace and Love 
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