19 April 2015

The Sound Of Sunday: WYLN

Happy Sunday!

You know what that means.....It's time for another Sound of Sunday. Thanks to all those that really liked this idea...I like music and I like sharing songs I like (more like forcing people to listen to it)

This week's song is something I'm not used to listening to. I found it whilst watching YouTuber, Ari Fitz and fell in love with it from then on!

Song: Dat Girl 
Artist: WYLN 
Rate: 9/10 

I did not know about WYLN before I found out about the existence of this song. WYLN's remixes give me life and they are just uplifting. Dat Girl is a catchy tune and when the beat drops, you find yourself nodding your head to the music.

I like this song because it's getting excited for summer., especially with the current weather in London!  Don't you love those tracks that get you in a summery mood? Ciara sings in this song, giving it that RnB vibe that I love.

Take a listen for yourself:

So...what do you think? 

Download the song for FREE here 
WYLN's Soundcoud : soundcloud.com/wyln

Feel free to leave any recommendations! 

Until next time, 

Peace and Love 

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