16 April 2015

10 Reasons Why I'm Barely An Adult

Hey there! 

Before I begin, I want to give a shout out to Viviane from Barely Adult. You should go check her out, her stuff is hilarious. Her blog has inspired today's post... 

You know how you're legally an "adult" as of age 18? I mean, you can vote, drive, own your own property, drink......juice, sue people, get sued, and the list goes on. 

Well... all of this is pretty cool, but deep down inside, I still consider myself a kid and it will be this way for a long time. 

Here are the reasons why: 

1) I still have to ask to go to the bathroom. 

Loo. Toilet. Restroom. Lavatory. Whatever you call it, you know what I mean. Dude, I'm 18. By dude, I mean teachers. I can buy my own house, open a bank account, sign a contract, all without someone's permission but when I need to pee, I have to beg. Then you have the audacity to tell me to wait. No. There's nothing stopping me from peeing on your classroom floor, ma'am. 

2) I get scared when I lose my mom in a supermarket. 

Say I'm at the supermarket with my mom and she tells me to go get some milk. I will strategically plan my route to the milk isle, and back again. I will not take any funny turns or shortcuts that have the potential of getting me lost. I will not stop for anything else. Just gonna get some milk.

There was this one time she wasn't there where I left her. My heart started racing. I could hear the blood pounding through my veins. The world started to spin. Everyone started to look like predators that would kidnap me at any moment. I reached for my phone in my jacket pocket. I called her. Voicemail. Oh my gosh. I raced through every isle, weaving through them one by one, looking for her. I'd quietly whisper "mama".... because I feared the judgement from cranky shoppers. Anyways, as I was on the verge of tears, I found her at the far end of the shop, waiting at the till. Never felt happier to see her. 

This was a month or so ago, by the way. 

3) I'm not only a child at heart, but also a kid at height. 

I'm serious. It's not even funny. I'm 5'1 if I'm lucky that day. All my friends tower over me and I always need an ID to get into movies rated 15. FIFTEEN. ugh. You all disgust me. My friends call me everything from shortness, short shit, strawberry shortcake, 12, lil' fry, short stack, Febraury, fun-sized, oompa looompa, and the list goes on. 

4) I pop bubble wrap 

I have a bubble wrap app that I just pop pop pop.... it's so much fun. I once ordered twice the amount of bubble wrap that my dad asked me to, just because I wanted some to pop. 

5) I still know the dance to "We're All In This Together" from High School Musical. 

Here and now, it's time for celebration....... 

I danced to this in a school talent show with my friend in primary school. cringe. 

6) Onsies are my life. 

I would wear a onesie to school everyday if it were socially acceptable to do so. 

7) I'm kind of scared of the dark 

When I go downstairs alone at night I switch on every light before entering the room then when it's time to go back up, I switch off all the lights as fast as possible and run up the stairs as fast as my little legs can take me. I even skip stairs. No monster shall prosper. 

8) I sing along to songs in stores. 

I don't care if it's an expensive designer shop or a supermarket. If you play a song I like, there's a 99% chance I'll go all Beyonce in the store. The 1% keeping me from doing so is usually an attractive guy who needs to shop peacefully without the disturbance of future wifey (me). 

9) I still kind of think boys have cooties. 

For real, though. Some do. I don't want cooties rubbing off on me. ew. 

10) I'm 18. 

That's barely an adult anyway. 

So that was a little list of why I still think I'm a kid. Again, check out Barely Adult for funny stories and a whole load of sarcasm! 

Until Next Time, 

Peace and Love 

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