21 March 2015

Food: 3 Quick and Easy Meals

Hello everyone!

I hope you're all well. So I'm nearing the end of the BenevoLent challenge, but fear not, it doesn't mean no more photo diaries of my meals.

Like I've mentioned before, I chose to give up takeaway during lent, and to substitute it with home-cooked meals.

This week, I've decided to show you a breakfast I made as well as two dinners. I never realised how easy it is to prepare such quick meals!

I hope you enjoy!

For breakfast, I spread some light butter on a piece of warm toast. Don't you love watching butter melt?
I sliced half an avocado and fried an egg in some olive oil to go with the avocado.

 And what's breakfast without a cup of tea/coffee?
I decided to go for coffee that morning because I had a busy day and needed the energy boost!

Stir Fry.

Gosh. I LOVE some stir fry! I usually call up the nearest takeaway restaurant to order some, but I thought, why not make my own.
I was super scared to try it, but I'm glad it turned out well.
I bought a stir fry pack at Tesco, with all the veggies needed for stir fry (bean sprouts, peppers and all that).
I then quickly cooked some chicken breast strips along with the stir fry mix and whilst it was cooking, I prepared a pot of spaghetti because I didn't have noodles).

Once the spaghetti was about half way done, I transferred it into the pan with the chicken and stir fry mix.

I added some soy sauce, a little bit of honey, black pepper and chicken stock, closed the lid and let the magic happen!


The last meal I'm going to share with you is probably the healthiest I've ever eaten! Mashed potatoes, broccoli, carrot and some baked salmon.
I usually get smoked salmon sandwiches from Pret but I think this has beaten it!
It's so easy and takes absolutely no time to bake. Just pop it in the oven with a bit of seasoning and you're good to go.
I mashed the potatoes, added a bit of salt and milk for taste and texture.
I steamed the broccoli and carrots and added a bit of pepper to the brocolli.

Those are the quick meals I prepared during the week!

Be sure to check out The Children's Society UK's BenevoLent campaign here. Who else has given up something for lent?

Until next time,

Peace and Love!

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