14 March 2015


Hello everyone!

Hope you're all okay. I'm becoming incredibly impatient... SUMMER, where are you? I think there should be no such thing as winter, because some people like me can't deal.

Anyways, I've been nominated for a Liebster award again, by the lovely Dani from Dani Did.
Be sure to check out her blog, I love her sense of humour!

Thanks to all my readers, and welcome to any new ones!

The questions are:

What is your ultimate go-to breakfast?
What is your favourite healthy breakfast?
If you could be a Disney character, who would you be?
Where is your ideal travel destination?
What is the one trend you are loving at the moment?
What is your perfect pizza?
What is the one thing you enjoy most about blogging?
What is your favourite store?
What would your ideal day consist of?
What quote/song best describes your current mood?
Darling, just tell me something about yourself. 

Click here to see my answers! 
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