11 March 2015

Food: Breakfast With Gluten-Free Toast

Hello everyone!

I hope all is well. I'm beginning to appreciate the warm weather here in England and I hope it will stay! (Spring, is that you?)
But since it's not warm enough to ditch the jackets, I like to fill up with a delicious breakfast before I head to school.

You may or may not know that I tend to eat gluten-free as much as I can. It's not part of some beach body diet...just call it an experimental lifestyle change.
Today, I'm going to share with you my favourite breakfast of all time! Toast with banana slices and Nutella.
Here's a funny story for you: my mum sort of stopped buying Nutella and whenever I go to the store with her and I sneak it in the basket (yes, I still do that) she tells me to put it back. I know its because it's not the healthiest of choices but Nutella makes me so happy! She surprised me this week by coming home with a jar of Nutella, and now I am now the happiest person on this planet.

nutella jar

Look at this beauty! My sister and her friends made pancakes yesterday and topped them with Nutella. Like the jar says, PANCAKES LOVE NUTELLA! I wish I had taken pictures, but I'll be sure to recreate the delicious breakfast for you.

sliced banana

banana slices

I sliced one banana into thin slices. If I had cut them too thick, I may have had trouble taking a bite!

After my toast was ready, the fun began...

nutella and banana on toast

A glass of orange juice would have not complimented the food, and water was too boring for this occasion, so I decided to make myself a cappuccino...

kenco coffee

Kenco is my go-to brand when it comes to cappucinos. They're always so creamy and the coffee isn't overwhelming. I love it.

nutella and banana

And that, guys, is my quick and super easy breakfast. If you haven't tried this (I bet you have a million times), be sure to do so because you wont regret it!

Until Next Time,
Peace and Love
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