9 February 2015

School: Revision 101


Unless you're a lucky soul and you're already working or you're on holiday, we all have that time when we need to get revising.
I HATE revision because I forget easily. And looking at black and white is just soooo boring.
I have tried to incorporate some colour into my revision to help me concentrate and enjoy it more. See my revision tips below.

Tip 1: Make sure your desk is tidy and spacious. I like to have a tidy desk to begin with, because I know it's going to get messy! If you start off with papers and books scattered all over the place, you're going to feel discouraged. Starting off with a clean space is like clearing your mind and preparing it for what's to come.

Tip 2: Use post-its and note cards. I like to stick stuff on my board in my room, or on my walls so that I SEE them, as I am a very visual person. If the notes are just on a page somewhere at the bottom of my pile of notes, it's less likely that I'll actually remember the stuff. 

Tip 3: Make sure you're organised. I like to plan things around dates so that I know when I'm supposed to do what, instead of just listing things. This little weekly planner was given to me by my very kind sister, as a present, because I was so unorganized, but new year, new me, right? 

With colourful notes and a carefully planned out schedule, you can get more things done. Now, I don't do "revision timetables" because I don't stick to them. I am a little girl of zero self discipline, and it's hard enough trying to keep a weekly planner :P 

These tips to help, though. And allow yourself some relaxation time, which is what I need to learn to do. 

What are your revision tips? 

Until next time, 

Peace and Love. 
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