7 February 2015

Fashion: 5 Ways To Style Timberland Boots

Hey there! Hope you're all well.

Today I decided to share with you, FIVE ways to wear my favourite shoes in my closet, Timberland boots. There are many versions of Timberland boots and Timberland look-alikes out there, and I recommend you get yourself a pair. They are timeless and incredibly comfortable!

If you're not sure how to style Timberlands, here are some simple ideas using wardrobe basics:


This first look is something I wear all the time, You can call it call it my uniform. It is so easy to throw on, and you won't look a hot mess. The denim jackets adds a bit of colour to the plain black jeans and white top. The gold bracelets are just to add a little bling :)


As you may or may not know, I like my dark colours. This means greys and blacks. In the second look, I have paired a grey top with a black leather-look biker jacket for that extra edge. The blue jeans make the outfit colourful, and the rips in the knees show a bit of skin and are a fun little touch to the basic jeans.


White jeans are in right now! I rarely wear my white jeans because I am so messy. I will eat a chocolate bar, next thing you know, there's chocolate all over my jeans! But on days where I know I'll be tidy, I like to wear my white jeans with a plain black top. Again, the denim jacker adds some colour, and if you're feeling a bit gangster like I do sometimes, the gold chain will complete your look. :)


This one is for my ladies who aren't afraid to show a little midriff! I'm personally not for the
whole belly-button movement, but a little midriff doesn't hurt. These high-waisted leggings are leather-look to make the outfit a tad bit more interesting.
And because the red top is cropped, I opted for long sleeves to cover up a bit. A simple necklace completes the look, and you're ready to go!


Last but not least, CAMO! I bet you haven't seen camouflage since 2006, but it's starting to make a comeback! Because the jeans are a little wild, I kept everything else simple, with a black tee and a biker jacket, for a bit of femininity.

So, those are 5 ways you could style your Timberland boots, and how I have worn them before! I hope you found that useful!
Which one is your favourite?
I like number 1 the best haha.

Until Next Time

Peace and Love. 
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