1 February 2015

Awards: Liebster Award x2

Hey you guys! 
Oh my goodness, you have no idea how excited I am. I feel like I have won a million dollars, no joke. My blog has actually been noticed! I know that from all the lovely comments I've been getting, but to be nominated for a Liebster Award, which I have wanted to do ever since I started blogging a month ago is kinda cool. 
haha I bet you guys think I'm so lame right now, but I kid you not, I'm over the moon. 

Anyways, let's get down to bidnesss! 

I would like to thank Lauren from My Little Journey and Kirsty from Kirstyhwright for the nominations. You guys should go check out Lauren's her little space. It's so cute and pink, I just can't get enough. Reminds me of cotton candy and all things fluffy. I LOVE fluff. And Kirsty's blog is amazing, it has everything from fashion to music, and I know you all love music!..... okay I'm going a bit off topic, here. 
But for real, Lauren and Kirsty, thank you! 

To read the full post, visit my page dedicated to awards here

Peace and Love
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