5 February 2015

5 Benefits of Being Single On Valentine's Day

Hello everyone!

As you probably know, Valentine's Day is quickly approaching (oh dear). The day of the mushy couples declaring their love for each other, because they've been biting their tongue, waiting for February 14th to tell their significant other.

I'm not going to tell you that it's a holiday for businesses to make money, because one could argue what's Halloween? what's Easter?

I'm going to tell you guys 5 benefits of being single on Valentine's Day.

1) Cheap chocolate, hello.

 So the days, even weeks leading up to this day consisted of shops displaying the reds and pinks of lovey-dovey packaged, overpriced Valentine's day themed chocolates in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Cute, huh?
Here's the fun part for you single pringles... On the actual day, or the day after, when nobody loves anyone anymore, the chocolate is so cheap. Buy yourself, I don't know, 5, 6 boxes because you... you awesome person...you deserve it. Love thyself. By thyself unhealthy amounts of chocolate.

2) Dude, it's cold. 

Okay so yeah, getting all dressed up, all glitzy and glamorous for your valentine in preparation for a day out may seem like fun. Hold on a second.... Let me just show you the temperatures outside.

I'm pretty sure body heart is not going to do much to keep you warm.
Singles don't only get chocolate.... but they get WARMTH! Stay in bed for as long as you want. Pick a TV show to watch. Wear ten blankets and fuzzy socks.

If you want to be a better person. Start a movement.Something like  #ColdHearts ...in honour of all those love birds that are freezing themselves outside to prove their love for one another because it wasn't obvious enough on February 13th. We salute you.

3) You save money

Imagine having to spend so much time and money, making the perfect reservation, only to find out your date is ordering a £50 salad. And when it comes, it is a leaf and a mini block of cheese. A drop of dressing, if you're lucky. No? no.

Get some pizza instead. That's what I call quality time with the one you love.

4) You can do whatever you want. 

I'm trying to make plans with people, but all I get it "ooh...I can't, it's Valentine's day"
well guess what? YOU CAN!
do you want to go shopping? GO!
do you want to go to your aunt's house? GO!
do you want to go adopt a lion? GO!
You are not stuck to your valentine like the rest of these people with commitments, so go do whatever you want! this is YOUR day.

5) You save your breath. 

Love is in the air....people whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears, taking in our precious oxygen, just to murmur carbon-dioxide saturated nothings.
Singles save the planet. By saying nothing. We are an example of world leaders. Environmentalists. We are the future. We keep it green on Valentines day. Prevent global warming. Stop whispering irrelevant stuff.

I hope you enjoyed that and laughed a little. If not, I'm sorry. For those of you non-singles celebrating Valentine's day, have fun! Enjoy the company of your valentine and create memories!
And for you singles out there....Love yourself. Enjoy your own company. Treat yourself. Save some money.

Until next time, 
Peace and Love 
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