24 January 2015

Music: Top 10 Songs on My January Playlist

Hey there! 
Because of current exam stress, I have little time to check out new music. However, I am still a music addict and I have decided to share my top 10 songs with you every month! 
2015 hasn't started off how I wanted it to, and I guess it can be heard in what I've been listening to. Anyways, enjoy! 

1) KEHLANI- 1st Position

I can't BELIEVE this song is from her mixtape, Cloud 19. This is album material right here. Kehlani will be featured a few times in this playlist because I am currently obsessed with her. This 19 year old speaks the truth in her music! In this song, she sings to a girl, which has some people like "Whaaat, this doesn't make sense!", but I like it nonetheless and I admire her bravery. :)

2) ELHAE- Drive Me Crazy

I stumbled across Elhae on Instagram (weird, I know), and I like his sound.

3) JEREMIH - Take Off

This song is a bit old, but I really needed to listen to it. Earlier this month, I just wanted to rewind, to take things back to when everything was all good...I really wanted to go back home and start afresh. This song will explain it....Buuut, I came to my senses, and realised I gotta take off ;) (see what I did there?)

4) KID INK- Hotel ft. Chris Brown 
Partyyy music! Why you over there looking at me??.....

5) MIGUEL - Coffee

Miguel is just....ugh.

6) KEHLANI- Raw & True

This song is just so....raw and true! I could ramble on about Kehlani for days, but I'd rather you just listen.

7) NICKI MINAJ- Bed of Lies ft. Skylar Grey

I'm not a Nicki Minaj fan, but I was quite impressed with this song.

8) HOZIER- Take Me To Church

I heard it a while back and ever since, it's been on REPLAY. I know, I know, I'm a year late. But still.

9) KEHLANI- Good Good 

Oh, shocker. It's Kehlani again... I warned you! Her voice is just too angelic and old school. I MURDERED the replay button on this. I think I should be banned from Soundcloud :P 

10) Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne - Real Love

Got stuck in my head one day and it never left.

I hope you enjoyed this month's playlist! As you can probably tell, I'm really into urban music and not-so mainstream artists (sort of)... I like all types of music and I'm interested to hear what you guys are listening to! Any recommendations?

Until next time,

Peace and Love. 
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