4 January 2015

Life: A Little Bit More About Me

Hey guys! 
I know that in the blogging world, you have to really put yourself out there, but I'm a very private person... However, I found a couple of dumb questions off the internet that I'll answer, just so you know me a little better! 

1) When is your birthday? 

October 31st :) 

2) What are your 3 favourite colours? 

Light Black, Dark Black and Really Black Black (sometimes red) 

and don't bring up the "black is a shade" nonsesne... NO. 

3) Are you addicted to YouTube? 

uhh... who isn't? oh my word, Ambers Closet, This Is A Commentary, iiSuperwomanii, Beautycrush and Patricia Bright are my faves! And Mazzi Maz gives me life.

4) If you had the choice to pick your own name, what would it be? 


...just kidding...umm.. I think it would be Unathi (pronounced Oo-Nah-Tee) it's a Xhosa name meaning God is with us... I just love the sound of it :) 
And an English name would be something unisex ... like Jamie or something, I don't know :P 

5) Do you wear makeup? 

For like parties and stuff, but I'm not about that cake face life... keep it light :) 

6) What makes you angry? 

Discrimination - especially seeing it in such culturally diverse places. It sickens me. Why do you have to bash someone about their race, religion, gender or sexuality? If you have a problem (which you shouldn't) just go sit in the corner and bite your tongue, or go live your life. Your choice. 

7) What makes you happy? 

Smiles - I sound very moist right now, but for real. I love seeing people smile. Even if you have no teeth...show of them gums! :D 

8) What are you attracted to in a potential significant other? 

1) AMBITION - I cannot stress this enough. If you're sitting there, doing nothing to move forward but you specialise in "turning up" every other day, BYE. 
3) RESPECT - no need to explain. Respect everyone...your mother, your uncle, your dog, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your fiancĂ©, but most importantly - respect yourself. 
4) LOYALTY - this one is obvious. 

9) What are your 3 favourite snacks? 

  • Nik Naks - If y'all don't know Nik Naks, you're living your life wrong. They're the South African alternative of Cheetos but wayy wayy wayy better. 
  • Doritos - Chips are my thing, yo. I could have Doritos everyday and not get sick of them! 
  • Grapes - They're so yummy! But I hate when a grape looks soo good but then it turns out tasteless. 

I could eat these for dayssss! 

10) What are your 3 favourite drinks? 

  • Pina Colada 
  • Water
  • Mango Juice

So, guys that's it for a little bit more about me! I hope you liked learning litte random facts about me, and I'll be sure to do another one soon! 
If you want to do one, feel free, and comment your link down below so I see it!

Peace and Love 

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