29 January 2015

Fashion: 3 Store Wish List

Hey guys! I Hope you're all well...
So for today's fashion post, I'd like to share with you the current items on my wishlist. 
I didn't want to do a boring regular wishlist. Instead, I challenged myself by choosing 3 items from 3 high street stores. 
The stores I chose were: New Look, River Island and H&M. 

I'd describe my style as very monochrome. Yes, guys, I'm basic. I'm trying to introduce a bit of colour to my wardrobe, starting with neutrals like beige and cream. 
My style is very sporty, or urban. I'm more on the tomboyish side, but I'm trying to grow up a little by getting some shirts, blouses and heels instead of sneakers, hoodies and sweats. 

Take a look at the items on my wishlist! Enjoy :) 

wishlist newlook

I don't know why I'm really into stripes and leather. This can be seen above, as both tees are striped and the bag looks leathery.
These items are very simple and can go with a lot of things.


Ahh, River Island...one my favourite stores here in the UK. The three items that I chose are a bit more grown up, I guess you could say. I'm an aspiring business woman and when I have the chance, I like to look the part. Simple blazers like the one above are perfect. 
I have been eyeing the "investment piece" leather jacked for wayy too long now! I NEED it! 
And for the turn ups, these minimal heels are perfect. They can be worn with anything! And I'm quite short, so there's an extra bit of height from the platform.  


I don't know why some people hate on H&M. I mean, yeah it has its ups and downs, but you're almost guaranteed to find something that you like. 
Again, 3 very basic pieces, but so versatile. 
Leather shorts...yay or nay? I've been debating over this with many people for a long time, and I've come to the conclusion that life is too short to not wear leather shorts. 
This striped blouse is everything. It can be dressed up, with some tailored trousers or even dressed down, with the shorts above .
The white bag looks hella expensive! I love the gold detailing, yet so simple and not over the top. 

So yeah, guys! That is my current wishlist. 
Which items were your favourite? 
I want to do an "online store" version of this sometime soon, so stay posted! 
Let me know if you'd like me to do a wishlist for a specific store or type of product. 

Until next time, 

Peace and Love. 
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