10 January 2015


Hello all, I have decided to do everything I can to raise awareness for this young lady and other sufferers of Ovarian Cancer. 

Meet 14 year old beauty, Abian, from Botswana. She has dreams, just like you and I. She dreams of becoming a doctor, to save lives. But first, we have to help save hers. 

Abbie was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer called immature teratoma. She is in need of urgent treatment to help save her life. 
She is currently in the United Kingdom, but will need to go to China to be treated. 
This is costing her family large sums of money, which has resulted in them reaching out to the general public, to people all around the world to lend a helping hand. 

Update January 23rd 2015: The fundraising campaign has reached its target! Thanks to people from all around the world, we have raised close to US$74000! Thanks to all those who supported.

Peace and Love
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