30 December 2014

Travels: Barcelona

Hello Everyone! 

A few weeks ago, I visited Barcelona, Spain with my family. Unfortunately, my siblings both got seriously ill, and our trip got cut short. Nevertheless, I got to see the beautiful city, and managed to get a few pictures in the short time that I was there. 

I didn't get around to seeing the "touristy" places of Barcelona, I didn't really eat Spanish food either. Or speak Spanish. Hmm....I guess I just ate American and Italian food, spoke English and saw a few cool things. In Spain. Close enough. 

 I'm hoping to go back sometime in the summer, after my exams! (for real, this time!) 

Because I'm an 18 year old with a smartphone, I automatically see myself as the next professional photographer (thanks to autoenhance), so I decided to share the few photos that I took. 

Here are the photos! : 

Peace and Love.

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